Lesson 2 Reading Assignment
The Technology of Filmmaking


How to Read a Film

In Chapter 2, Technology: Image and Sound, read the section titled, "Art and Technology."

In Chapter 6, Media: In the Middle of Things, read the sections titled, "Community" and "Print and Electronic Media."

Time Estimate

1 hour


Photography (including motion pictures) and recording changed our world. For the first time, we could produce representations of reality without significant human intervention or talent. Please post your responses to the following questions on the class message board.

  1. What is the most important photograph in your life? (Itís possible that it may be an art or commercial photo, but it is more than likely a family heirloom.)
  2. Is there a sound recording (music excluded) that holds the same significance for you personally?
  3. Is there something about the composition of this photo (or the construction of the recording) that is meaningful? Or is the significance entirely in the subject matter?
  4. Does one of your photos remind you of a particular scene or shot from a movie? Does one of them evoke a feeling similar to a feeling that a movie has evoked within you?

(If you like, post the photo or sound bite to the message board.)