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Click on the links below to open some other Zoetrope lists we've set up. Just cut and paste them into the text program of your choice.

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Godard movies

Moody Bergman stills

Antonioni's films

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ZOETROPE 2000 Center


Zoetrope 2000 is a special program included with the How To Read a Film multimedia disc that runs the movies and illustrations in any order you want to view them. The disc comes with some pre-set formats ready to roll.

Here's how to "roll your own" Zoetrope sequences—along with some samples to get you started.


  1. Find the ReadFilm filenames you want Zoetrope to run. (They're in the RESOURCE folder on your How To Read a Film disc—just browse in the folders for MOVIES and PICS and open individual files to find out what they are.)

  2. Type up a list of the filenames in a text file program such as SimpleText or BBEdit, or save as an ASCII file. (Be sure to use a .TXT file suffix.) Separate each entry with a carriage return.

  3. The first line of the list should be the name of the script that you want to appear in the Zoetrope control panel.

  4. Place the script in the ReadFilm directory. On a PC, this directory is in your Programs directory. On a Mac, you'll have to create a directory called "ReadFilm" in your hard disk's root directory (that's the main window of your hard disk).

  5. Open Zoetrope, and choose your list from the control panel. You can instruct Zoetrope to play it in list order or random order.

For example:

We're feeling French—let's set up a run of some Godard flicks.

In the MOVIES folder we find the following files, and make a list in SimpleText or BBEdit:

My Godard screening

Save the list as GODARD.TXT in the ReadFilm directory. Next time we open Zoetrope, the list is there to run.