Classroom Examination and Review Copies


If you are thinking of adopting How To Read a Film: multimedia edition for a class, examination copies are available.

However, because of the nature of the product the procedure is slightly different. The exam copy will be accompanied by an invoice to your school with a six-month term. If you decide to adopt the DVD-ROM for class the invoice will be cancelled. If you decide not to adopt the disc you have your choice of returning the exam copy for full credit or paying the invoice.

We hope you'll understand why this procedure is necessary.

At the film classes where the multimedia edition has already been adopted the reports are good. Students appreciate the ready access to more than four hours of clips, hundreds of texts, and thousands of illustrations (by matthew at tforge). They also appreciate the instant access to the main and auxiliary texts via the search feature.

While it is still true that not all students have DVD-ROM drives, all computer labs do. And the book and disc together are considerably less expensive than texts like Giannetti and Bordwell & Thompson!

To receive an exam copy, send an email to with your name, institution, phone number, and shipping address.

Wholesale ordering information

The paperback version of the book is available from Oxford University Press and their distributors.

The DVD-ROM and the DVD-ROM/book package are available only from Harbor Electronic Publishing (and Baker & Taylor).

Visit or to order. Quantity discounts are available.