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How To Read a Film
Reading about Film
Reading about New Media


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How To Read a Film:
(Multimedia Edition)

DVD-ROM + Book $59.97

by James Monaco


DVD Excellence Award 2000

The DVD edition is a multimedia disc that enormously expands the experience of the book. What you get:

  • Four complete books: How To Read a Film, The Dictionary of New Media, Reading about Film, and Reading about New Media, including a thousand illustrations
  • More than 130 film clips--Hollywood classics and cult landmarks, rare finds and famous sequences--over four hours of film!
  • Audio Author's notes to give a new dimension to the text
  • Audio interviews with Hollywood movers and shakers
  • Animated interactive diagrams to make the technology understandable
  • Labs where you can experiment with film and video technology
  • Virtual Reality tours of all the studios put you on the ground in Hollywood
  • A library of more than 140 reference texts, diagrams, charts, and databases
  • Guided tours to provide multiple views by subject or filmmaker
  • Completely indexed so you can find all the references to any subject, person, theme, or film instantly
  • Linked to, to provide forums for discussion of movies and media
  • And much, much more!

The DVD edition will play on any DVD-equipped Mac or PC. Please note that this is not a DVD-Video. It will not play on your television set.

About the Author
James Monaco is author or editor of more than a dozen books on film and media, published in more than 35 editions, including American Film Now, The New Wave, The Connoisseurs' Guide to the Movies, The Film Encyclopedia, Media Culture, and Celebrity. He is president of UNET 2 Corporation, a developer of Internet software, and publisher of websites and DVD-Videos. He is also the founder of Baseline, the worldwide information source for the entertainment business. An experienced TV talk show guest and radio commentator, Monaco is also well-known as a pioneer of the electronic publishing industry.